For all candidates who about to write the forthcoming TestMi Oil and Gas recruitment screening test, we are glad to announce to you that we now have the original and up to date TestMi Oil and Gas past question papers which will aid your success in the forthcoming screening test.

Why You Need the TestMi Oil and Gas Past Questions Papers

The past question will go a long way to help you in passing the screening test and secure your desired job position in the TestMi Oil and Gas company.

It will help you understand the nature and how they set exams for candidates. The best of it all is that questions contained in the past question papers are always repeated either directly or rephrased. Almost 30% of questions might likely be repeated. 

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It is important to have it at the back of your mind that oil and gas job aptitude test questions may come out from the following fields of study;

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Spatial Orientation,
  • Diagrams and interpretations,
  • General Sciences,
  • General Engineering,
  • Current Affairs,
  • History,
  • Information Technology,
  • Drilling Engineering,
  • Reservoir Engineering,
  • Production Engineering,
  • Well Completions and Designs,
  • Geology,
  • Well Testing and Well Logging, 
  • Several technical questions,
  • Basic oil and gas knowledge etc

To succeed in this quest and pass with flying colors, you need to purchase and have a copy of this material. Remember that candidates who perform well are those that will be selected for the job. 

Sample Questions

1) What are the taxes you have to pay on your gasoline?

There are State taxes and Federal taxes that is levied on your gasoline, though taxes changes from one state to another. You are paying approx. 23% of state taxes per gallon of your gasoline that may vary to 40% depending upon the state. While, federal government excise tax is about 18 percent per gallon.

2) Who analyse and does research of the Oil and Natural gas supply in U.S?

EIA (Energy Information Administration) is an independent agency of the United States Department of Energy, which gives all the weekly detail or data of the supply of oil and natural gas in U.S. It schedules weekly publications known as WEEKLY PETROLEUM STATUS REPORT and THE WEEK IN PETROLEUM.

3) Explain how many gallons of gasoline does one barrel of oil can be made?

From one barrel (42 gallons) U. S refineries make about 19 gallons of motor gasoline. The residue yields other refined products such as distillate and residual fuel oil.

4) Explain how much do oil companies make on each dollar you spend on gas?

Oil and natural gas industry make 8.6% for every dollar of sales.

5) Mention what are the requirements for importing natural gas, oil and petroleum into the U.S?

For importing petroleum or petroleum products to U.S, you don’t need a license to import these items, but you need to file a form called EIA814 with the EIA (Energy Information Administration).

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