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The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital internship examination is coming up soonest and as such, candidates are to prepare for the exams. This exams will determine if you will be successful in the internship programme or not. 

The LUTH internship past questions will help you understand the nature of the examination you are about to write especially if it is your first time. The questions contained in the past question papers might be repeated in the forthcoming exams. See sample questions below;

Sample Questions

1. In which of the following media would sound waves travel faster?
A. kerosene
B. alcohol
C. iron
D. Air.

2. Which of the following phenomena is the practical evidence for the existence of the continual motion of molecules?
A. Translational motion
B. Rotational motion
C. Brownian motion
D. Oscillatory motion.

3. Each of the following physical quantitied is classified as a vector of scalar quantity. Which of the classifications is connect?
A. Electric potential (vector)
B. Momentum (scalar)
C. Gravitational field intensity (scalar)
D. magnetic flux density (vector)

4. The friction which exists between two layers of liquid in relative motion is called
A. capillarity
B. surface tension
C. viscosity
D. Cohesion.

5. Which of the following simple machines is a second class lever?
A. Wheel barrow
B. crowbar
C. claw hammer
D. Seesaw.

6. Which of the following types of motion does a body undergo when acted upon by a couple?
A. vibrational
B. translational
C. Rotational
D. Random

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