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Are you among the candidates who will be writing the forthcoming akwa ibom state teachers recruitment examination? If yes, you need to purchase the past question so you could prepare for the great task ahead of you. 

The past question papers consist of questions gotten from past recruitment examinations conducted by the akwa ibom state teachers board. We have also solved these questions and give correct answers to each and every single question. 

To be successful in the examination, you need to prepare intensively, not just reading irrelevant text books. The key in passing this examination is the past question paper which will reveal what the examination looks like and also, questions contained may likely be repeated in the forthcoming examination. 

Sample Questions

1. The design in which a selected unit of a population is studied and the findings assumed to be the same for members of the population is known as
a. descriptive survey
b. ethnographic design
c. historical design d. qualitative design
e. qualitative survey

2. Which of the following would least influence the choice of a research topic in education?
a. Education relevance
b. Feasibility of the study
c. Meeting graduation requirement
d. Personal competence of the investigator
e. Research ability of the problem

3. Which of the following is a primary data?
a. Questionnaire response
b. Textbooks content c. Newspaper report
d. Journal article
e. Mimeograph

4. Which of the following response formats is most suitable for quantitative analysis?
a. Binary choice
b. Close response
c. Extended response
d. Likerttype
e. Semantic differential

5. Measurement is often defined as
a. The interpretation of test scores
b. Manipulation of statistical process
c. Qualification of behavioural traits
d. Systematic approach to issues of education
e. Systematic assignment of numbers to attributes

6. The scale of measurement that uses numbers or signs for the identification of a group is
a. Interval scale
b. Ordinal scale
c. Magnitude scale
d. Ratio scale
e. Nominal scale

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